Dear Mr. Drennen,

My name is Ben (name changed), and my Mother and Father are Jane and Bill (names changed) of Antlers, Oklahoma. My mother has been under your Mays Housecall Home Health for several years, and my father (who just passed away) was under Mays Hospice Care.

I am writing to let you know of the outstanding work several of the employees have shown while working with my family.

April Loftin is my mother’s provider and has been so for about a year. April is a kind, loving woman who treats my parents like they were her own. Now that my father has passed, having someone like April come and not just do her job, but to be there to help my mother, will be a great comfort to us.

Kathleen Jobe is my mother’s case manager, and she is wonderful. Since my father passed this last week, she volunteered to make sure she keeps us informed of my mother’s condition and watch her more closely–especially since she is not dealing with his death well.

Finally, even though she was only his hospice nurse for a few days, Janet Johnson was awesome! My father came home Friday, March 22nd in the late evening, and she came right over to evaluate his needs. On Monday she had his new bed delivered and made sure to get orders for pain patches and other comfort medications because he was having trouble swallowing.

On Monday she evaluated him and, since her aide was off, she took the time to bathe and dress him as well. She sat and discussed with us the process of dying, what to expect, and what we needed to do once he passed. When he passed she was right there to help us through the process. It is folks like that who explain and answer questions and show their humanity who really care about their patients. It makes the difficult task of facing the death of a loved one easier to come to terms with.Again, I just wanted say thanks for employing people who see their patients as friends and truly care about them and their families. My wife and I live in Houston, Texas, and knowing my mother is surrounded by these folks helps us to breathe easier about her.

Sincerely Yours,



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